• Welcome to the Performance Chiropractic Center

    With three convenient locations in the Gold Coast, West Loop & Crystal Lake.

  • Chiropractic Manipulation

    Refers to the application of a specific and controlled force into a joint that is failing to function properly because of restricted movement. Chiropractic manipulation is also known as chiropractic adjustment.

  • Sports Injury Treatment & Prevention

    Having both worked extensively with athletes, Dr. Seezox and Dr. Riederer understand the demands placed on athletes of all backgrounds. Using movement-based assessment protocols, we are able to target your most significant movement limitations and painful movement patterns.

  • Soft Tissue Manipulation

    The application of a specifically directed manual force to soft tissues and joint structures for the purpose of modulating pain, increasing range of motion, reducing soft tissue inflammation, inducing relaxation, facilitating movement, and improving function.

  • Custom Orthodics

    Performance Chiropractic Center utilizes custom orthotics made in part by Fastech Labs, an orthotic laboratory based out of Troy, Michigan. Fastech Labs was founded in 1989 by Glenn Cumberland, a pedorthist with over 30 years of experience in the supportive footwear industry.


Welcome to Performance Chiropractic Center

Our facilities are dedicated to utilizing integrated, evidence-based practices to create individualized and patient-centered treatment plans. The rationale for employing an integrated approach, rather than following traditional chiropractic treatment programs, is based on clinical chiropractic and medical research. Each patient is unique, requiring an equally distinctive treatment program. Some patients have health care issues that require joint manipulation (adjustment), others benefit from muscular manipulation, and a majority of patients respond to a combination of joint manipulation, muscular therapy, and corrective exercise. Our doctors focus on improving function and decreasing pain using the least invasive interventions possible.

Whether you’ve come to Performance Chiropractic Center for relief of acute or chronic pain, to initiate a lifestyle change, or to enhance your athletic performance, our doctors have one objective; you leave our facilities feeling less pain, more strength, and have the confidence to maintain and build upon the progress you have made while under our care. It’s not enough to get you out of pain – our goal is to teach you how to care for yourself and avoid pain in the future.

Performance Chiropractic Center has been serving Chicagoland for nearly 15 years. We offer evening and weekend appointments to fit your busy schedule and we accept most major medical insurances.