Rea F., Chicago, IL

Since my knee surgery, I have tried everything to fix the last remnants of a stubborn knee. Because of my "imbalances" created from surgery, I went to see a chiropractor. Frustrated by my lack of success with prior doctors, Jonathan Seezox instantly put me at ease. He will actually listen to your issues and try to come up with viable solutions.

In addition to his professionalism, you get the added bonus of a great atmosphere. Interesting art, good music, (sometimes a cute dog), and informative conversation make even the first time visitor feel relaxed and comfortable as Jonathan manipulates your body and releases tension. Instantly, I felt taller, more aligned. I could breathe easier. As an added bonus, I got to sit in a massage chair and have acupuncture done on my knee (something I've never done but will definitely do again!).

He also checked my gait analysis so I could get Orthotics. He stretched, massaged and adjusted. I didn't feel rushed. His years of experience definitely came through as he proved his knowledge about every facet of the human body and how important your spine is. I felt comfortable asking him questions, and I refuse to see anyone else! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great, knowledgeable chiropractor in Chicago!

-Rea F., Chicago, IL

Colleen C., Chicago, IL

I've been seeing Dr. Jonathan Seezox for almost 2 years, and I have to say...he is simply the best, best, best.

They offer chiropractic, acupuncture, and therapeutic exercise. He is very friendly, the office is immaculate, well decorated, comfortable and open. He is very good at explaining what is going on, low pressure and is just overall a great guy.

He puts you in heating packs on a massage table with electrical stim before treatment, and for me...its an instant nap and portal to muscle relaxation. Bravo!

Parking is actually OK around the office (meters). There is a spot right outside that is a loading zone for 30 minutes. Easy walk the south or west loop areas. I used to go on my lunch hour. GREAT hours, flexibility and he's brought on another chiropractor to be in the office when he is at his other location in Algonquin...the other doc is also great.

Also, his dog Lui, a big sweetie of a Boxer greets you in the front window. Bonus :) (He's on a leash though, so no worries if you don't want to talk to Lui, he doesn't mind).

Your first consultation is free and he takes a variety of insurance plans. -Colleen C., Chicago, IL

Melissa H., Chicago, IL

I've seen Jonathan at the West Loop location before for a couple of jaw issues and he is amazing - but West Loop can be a bit hard for me to get to. So I was super excited when I contacted him about some major foot pain I was having while running and he said he had finally opened up his Gold Coast location - and on top of that his new partner Dana was a specialist in sports and rehab!

Dana has been great in helping with my feet/hip issues (something actually fixable on me!). I've been going to him about 2 times a week for 3 weeks now and I've definitely begun to feel the improvements.

He's extremely knowledgeable and professional, and his personality is so friendly and nice - it really makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. -Melissa H., Chicago, IL

Caroline A., Chicago IL

So I meet Dana Riederer, the chiropractor heading up PC's GC office. He is super knowledgeable on the mechanics of the body, professional, friendly and made me feel comfortable right away. I went through a full assessment with him, and he was able to identify a few problem areas in about 10 minutes by watching me balance on each foot, walk across the room, stretch and look at my feet.

Following the assessment, he went through a few exercises to help me strengthen weak areas and stretch out my spine. I actually did a few of them over the weekend and my body is feeling a lot better. He also adjusted my spine, and give me a nice craaack, which is always exhilarating.

I wish I had some more time with Dana, because there are all sorts of cool and fancy exercise and stretching toys there to experiment with!

If you're in the area, or if you're a member of FFC in the Gold Coast, definitely stop by and say hi to Dana and check out his skills! -Caroline A., Chicago IL

Ryan H., Dundee, IL

Dr. Jonathan has been my chiropractor for a number of years now. At first, I was very skeptical of the whole chiropractor thing, that is, until Jonathan went to work on my back. Wow. What a difference a good chiropractor makes! Jonathan did a great job for me when I was out with a work related injury. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.

-Ryan H., Dundee, IL

Scott H., Algonquin, IL

Jonathan has been my Chiropractor since about 99 or 2000. I have referred many of my friends and family to Jonathan, and will continue to do so, as he is by far the best "whole health" Chiro I have met. His office promotes a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. I would recommend to anyone looking for a Chiropractor for the first time, a new one and/or anyone looking to feel better in general to give him a call today!

-Scott H., Algonquin, IL

Alyssa G.,Crystal Lake, IL

I call Dr. Jonathan Dr. Feelgood.

He is consistent and brilliant in his diagnosis and treatment. I recently was diagnosed with bicep tendonitis (frozen shoulder)and was told it would take much physical therapy and that I might not have full range of motion in my shoulder again. Dr. Jonathan was proactive and began immediate therapy with me, in one week I improved my range of motion. In two weeks, even more, now in week 3, almost complete range is back...we are both stunned. I am so proud of him. His technique is no doubt the reason for my healing and his knowledge and application is astounding. This facility takes injuries seriously and treats patients like family. Your philosophy is so warm and inviting and you truly care. Thank you so much!

Alyssa G.,Crystal Lake, IL

Beth S., Chicago, IL

As a serious athlete, I trust my musculoskeletal health to Dr. Dana.

I first went to see Dr. Dana for a functional strength assessment, to find areas of weakness and work on nagging injuries. Where other chiropractors and doctors have told me to simply "stretch more" or gave me one exercise, extremely knowledgable Dr. Dana has me understanding the strength and mobility necessary to be a successful triathlete -- and working hard to do so! I also finally, really understand what it means to have a stable core.

Also, Dr. Dana is also a triathlete so he understands the demands of endurance sports on the body better than anyone else I've seen.
Beth S., Chicago, IL